One of the depressing joys of opening up a Thrift Store is going through the emotional trauma of your younger brother donating all of his childhood items to said Thrift Store.  These being the same ones that Mom and Dad so generously drove out to Kyle via their basement via Michigan; just a 19 hour drive.  I’m thinking the 25 cents we’re charging for this squirt gun needs to be higher considering the transportation effort.

If any Winters fam is thinking they’d like to make “Kelsey’s Learn about the Winters Family White Elephant Extravaganza” a repeat for this Christmas as well, just give me the heads up.  (Since it had such rave reviews last year.)  We can start with this squirt gun.  I’m sorry I’ve run out of DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline posters to wrap up.  No more pins for Hershey Park or Owen J Roberts MS and HS paraphernalia either.  Such a bummer, I know.